Black Friday Sale

Held on the 27th of November 2020, our Black Friday sale is the perfect time to tick off some more of the items on your shopping wish list at incredibly low prices. Stock up on Christmas presents for the whole family, grab that new appliance you've had your eye on for a great price, or if you're looking to upgrade to the latest and greatest electronics now is the time. You can shop our Black Friday deals online or in store for great savings across our range.

We offer a variety of Black Friday deals across electronics and appliances in Australia. Shop the best Black Friday deals on TVs, laptops and a huge range of other items at Bing Lee without breaking the bank.

Have a seamless Black Friday shopping experience

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Bing Lee Black Friday sale deals 2020

Interested in what’s on offer? Black Friday starts on the 27th of November this year, and this page will be continually updated with our best Black Friday deals and offers so that you can quickly see what’s available, and make the most of the November sales.

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Tips for Black Friday 2020

2020 has been a different kind of year, we’re working - and living - from home more than ever. Now is a great time to invest in the essentials of staying home. Home offices, home entertainment, and home everything. A Black Friday Sale offers the chance to upgrade in style - with a few juicy discounts on your favourite electronics and appliances.

If you’re wondering where Black Friday came from, it actually refers to the Friday following Thanksgiving in the US (celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November). That date marks it as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season.

At Bing Lee, we’re always there to provide great value: great prices, great products and great service. But there’s extra value to be found on Black Friday - so we thought we’d help you prepare for the sale season by putting together a “must look out for” Black Friday Sale list of products you won’t want to miss in 2020. Consider it a little light reading to put you in the shopping mood!

What to look for in Home Entertainment

Smart TVs

If you’ve always wanted to upgrade your TV, the Black Friday sale is a wonderful opportunity. You’ve got amazing potential to bring dazzling new entertainment, with all its promise of Smart connectivity and picture quality, to your home. Imagine, for example, streaming your favourite tv shows and movies on demand - and in the brilliance of 4K or 8K Ultra HD resolution. Brilliant colours, ultra-vivid action ... frankly, you’ll wonder how you did without it to begin with.

Home audio

Why not think about opening your ears to new, remarkable standards of audio at Bing Lee? We’ve got an incredible range of home audio products - including a range of speakers and soundbars that bring powerfully thumping bass and pristine upper registers to your listening experience. And don’t forget we also have a range of headphones that will allow you to wrap yourself in incredibly vivid sound-scapes. Whether that’s enabling you to enjoy a classic movie or throw yourself into the action of your favourite game.


In an age where many of us are suddenly working from home, it’s a great time to update our laptop or desktop to transform the home office space into a truly professional environment. And a Black Friday sale offers a perfect chance to embrace that possibility, no? We’re looking for computers that are sleek, intuitive, powerful ... yet hardy enough to withstand the rigours of those very long hours working from home. And maybe even providing you with the ability to do a bit of gaming to alleviate stress? Or maybe you want some computer accessories - a hard drive to save crucial work or a webcam, perhaps, to make sure you look your best for that next Zoom meeting!


Our range of gaming products will be able to immerse you in the action - and Black Friday is a perfect way to embrace the thrills. Whether you’re looking for a gaming computer that will maximise those adventures or get an accessory that will heighten the experiences (like a gaming mouse or gaming headset) to give you the winning edge, Bing Lee has what it takes to put you in the game.

What to look for in Appliances

Fridges and freezers

Has it suddenly seemed like your fridge is getting a bit old ... a few broken plastic shelves here and there? Strange groaning and wheezing noises happening at the back? And if you’re spending more time at home - your fridge is getting more of a workout than usual.

Well, Black Friday is the perfect time to get a new fridge and embrace the possibilities of what modern fridge innovation can offer. Incorporating everything from Smart functionality - like the ability to sync to your phone to provide updates on everything from what you need to pick up from the shops to faults in the system - to intelligent, reactive cooling systems. Please note, we have a range of traditional fridge designs available - but our range also includes freezer chests, wine fridges and fully integrated options.

Washers and Dryers

Okay, so doing the laundry isn’t necessarily the most exciting thing to anticipate for a sales event like Black Friday. But consider this: you may well end up saving yourself time, power and effort. Let’s just say the Black Friday sale will be the chance you get to invest in appliances that make laundry-day more efficient, effective and economical.

What to look for in Health and wellbeing

We all want to feel - and look - our best during these balmy days of summer - but it isn’t easy, right? Well, Bing Lee have a variety of products that will help you achieve your fitness goals - and Black Friday is a particularly great time to invest in products that’ll help you tap into it.

From the latest fitness watches by Garmin and Fitbit, to blenders and juicers by Breville and Sunbeam now is the time to invest in your health at a discounted price! It's also the best time to look out for discounts of popular massagers like the Theragun, that will help your body to recover after intense workouts and relieve stress and muscle pain.

Frequently Asked Questions About Black Friday in Australia:

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday originated in the US and marks the first Friday after the Thanksgiving celebrations. It has now become a very popular shopping day both in the US and now Australia, with many brands offering great discounts on products from the Friday and across the weekend. These sales kick off the holiday season and are the perfect chance to stock up on Christmas presents or buy that item you’ve had your eye on all year, at a discount.

When is the 2020 Black Friday sale?

The 2020 Black Friday Sale starts in Australia on the 27th of November, with many deals lasting over the weekend and ending on the 29th of November. Some retailers may also start the Black Friday celebrations as early as the 25th this year so look out for these early release deals and get in before the rush.

Are Black Friday deals online?

Most retailers participating in Black Friday offer huge discounts both instore and online. Cyber Monday which follows the Black Friday Sale on the 30th of November is usually an online only sale.

Can I use Afterpay or Zippay on Black Friday?

Yes you can. At Bing Lee we are happy to provide flexible payment options including Afterpay and Zip whether you’re shopping with us on Black Friday or anytime of the year.