Looking for a new Cooktops

Cooktops today are one of the most versatile parts of any kitchen. There are a number of different sorts of cooktops such as gas, electric and induction cooktops and some pair up with an oven. There I a range of sizes

Gas cooktops are one of the most common and can come as part of a freestanding oven. Gas cooktops get you instant heat the minute you turn the knob. Gas cooktops can also have the individual burners adjusted between high and low temperatures. Electric cooktops come in a number of variants including heat coils and hot plates. Electric cooktops are generally cheaper than equivalent gas cooktops. Part of what makes them cheap is that they have exposed heating coils and plates. Induction cooktops are some of the most advanced versions you can buy with electromagnetic waves turning the saucepans into the cooking material. The drawback of this is if you do not already have induction ready pots and pans. These cooktops have more sensors in them that allow them to control temperature and even sense if there is a pan on it

Some other things to look for when purchasing a cooktop include child safety locks to make sure there no accidents around the kitchen, timers and touch screen control panels for different cooking programs. Most cooktops will also need a range hood over it to extract smoke and steam from cooking so have a look at our range of range hoods to find one that suits your kitchen.

Come talk to one of our team members online or in store for a hand picking the right cooktop for your household!

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