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Looking to cook up a storm?

A Barbeque is the staple of every great Australian household. Everyone loves getting outside on a summer night and cooking up a couple of snags but buying a new Barbeque can be a tough ask. Bing Lee has a massive range to find you the right Barbeque to get you back cooking.

There is a range of Gas barbeques that run on LPG and charcoal. Charcoal barbeques can provide that classic charcoal taste meaning your roasts and grill will taste fantastic. Some charcoal BBQ's come with gas ignition meaning that you can use an electric ignition to make sure your cooking as quick as possible. 

Make sure to look for some accessories for your new barbeques such as sizzling plates and grills to take your cooking to the next level and a Barbeque cover to protect your pride and joy from the elements. Come and talk to one or our experts online or in store to take your cooking game to the next level.

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