Samsung Washers & Dryers

Samsung’s washers and dryers are as efficient and tech-forward as you’d expect, with advanced features that will make your laundry experience wonderfully modern and efficient. At Bing Lee, we stock a great range of Samsung washing machines, dryers, and washer dryer combos that you know you can count on.

Samsung Washing Machines

Samsung offers a range of washing machines for households of all sizes and requirements. We stock Samsung front and top loader washing machines with different capacities dependent on your needs, including 7.5kg, 10kg and 13kg, and features such as Bubble Wash, QuickWash, and more, which allow you to use your Samsung washing machine in any situation.

Samsung Dryers

Like their washing machines, most Samsung dryers come with a number of features such as Quick Dry and Super Speed Cycle to help speed up the laundry process and make it more convenient for any household. Samsung’s heat pump dryers are also energy efficient, and like all of their dryers, are made to minimise damage to your clothing without losing on effectiveness.

Whether it’s a new Samsung washing machine or a dryer you’re after, we’ll help you find the one that best suits your laundry needs. We also try our best to make it hassle-free to get your new appliance, so we provide flexible pickup and delivery options across Sydney and Melbourne. Afterpay and Zip Pay are also available for when you’d rather pay later.

Bing Lee began operations over 60 years ago, and to this day remains proudly Australian-owned and family-run. Check out our range of Samsung washers and dryers today.

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