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Gas dryers are considered to be the most energy efficient and effective clothes dryers. Unlike the electric ones that use electricity to power the fan that blows warm air to dry the clothes, gas dryers use natural gas such as propane. In the recent past, there has been a high increase in the number of people buying this type of dryer because of its many benefits such as its fast drying time. New features are incorporated into these dryers It is very important for buyers to be well informed about the various features in different models before making a purchase. Here are the factors that a buyer should put into consideration when shopping for a gas dryer:


Capacity of the dryer, which is the amount of clothes that a gas dryer can hold, is one of the key important features that any customer should first check. It is very good to compare its capacity to the approximate amount of clothes in your house. For a small house, a 6kg gas dryer is okay. But for a house with a big number of people, a bigger than 6kg will suffice, you can go for that of 7kg , 8kg, 9kg or even bigger. A bigger capacity means that you will have fewer cycles before all your clothes are dried.


As different units continue to boast of digitalized features, many people are also getting inclined to towards such units. There are those units that are set to automatically, turn on or off after the clothes are dried. Some models allow the user to set the speed of rotation and the stop time. This is very important in the sense that, with the timer, you can set the starting time, the stopping time and the speed then leave to attend to other chores.


Is the dryer using more gas? Does it have a regulator or a checker? These are some of the questions that should be running in your mind when selecting a gas dryer. Buying a gas efficient dryer helps you to spend less on natural gas!


Check the position of the hinges of the door. Although this depends with one’s desires, a left hinged one is easy to operate as most people are right handed.

Go for one that produces the least noise. Newer models are now producing less and less noise. Take some time to check the prices from different outlets as the more you check the more likely you will be to get the right gas dryer that is within your budget.

In addition, it is very important to ensure that you check on your gas dryer. Frequent maintenance helps save significantly from the money that you would have used on repair. There are other models that are installed with a special device to transmit error information to the manufactures or dealers so that the problem is addressed on time. All in all, in case of any defect on your gas dryer, always make a point of contacting the customer service from where you bought it.


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