4K Ultra HD TVs

Want the ultimate picture quality?

4K Ultra High Definition TVs are the next evolution in picture clarity, delivering incredible image detail. Where today’s Full High Definition televisions present video in a 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution, Ultra High Definition consists of 3840 x 2160. You may also see the term ‘4K’ commonly used, in which the horizontal pixel count is rounded up to the nearest thousand. For 4K this means there are over 8 million pixels at your disposal, so content is super sharp and crisp.

4K Ultra High Definition TVs starts to redefine how a living room needs to be set up for maximum enjoyment. Due to the Pixel density on earlier TVs, you would need to set a fair way back to avoid seeing the individual pixels on the TV screen. With Ultra HD TVs, you could sit only 1.6 metres away from the screen and still enjoy a highly detailed, crisp visual experience. This means Ultra High Definition televisions are perfect for smaller rooms where space is an issue.

When looking to invest in a new Television its best to pick a tv that will stay current with the upcoming technology. With this in mind if you want a Television that will still be current in 5 years’ time you ought to look at a Television which is 4k or Ultra High Definition. High Dynamic Range is also becoming more prevalent in many high-end to mid-range Ultra High Definition Televisions and is a technology that will become a standard in years to come.

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4K Ultra HD TVs

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