Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

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Want to take your music with you?

Bluetooth speakers allow you to take your music with you wherever you go. They are great for travellers, outdoor activities and even the beach. There are plenty of variations of speakers for any use case.

While all speakers come standard with Bluetooth, many now come additionally with Wi-Fi and Near Field Communication or NFC for extra functionality. Wi-fi can be utilised for a more stable connection at longer ranges then Bluetooth while NFC can be used to pair with smartphones instantly. Some speakers can even sync with other speakers to have a stereo-like effect. Some even let you share the music control with friends so you can share the DJ duties.

Some speakers are waterproof so they can be used around the pool or even at the beach. UE makes a range of speakers in bright and vibrant colours and different designs that have the durability to go where ever you go with bungee cords, heavy duty plastics and even metal.  

We also stock popular speakers such as the JBL Flip, JBL Clip, UE Boom, UE Mega Boom, plus many more. Speakers can also connect to your proffered mobile device, making it easy to play your favourite tunes whenever you want!

Come hear our great range of Bluetooth speaker for yourself in store or if you already know what you want you can buy Bluetooth speakers online with us today.

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