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Buying a soundbar is one of the most important things when overhauling your home theatre set up. With Televisions getting thinner and thinner to the detriment of speakers and overall sound quality a sound bar is essential for any house AV set up.

There are 2.1, 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound systems for soundbars. Some come with multiple speakers to turn them into surround sound home theatre systems while some use multiple speakers in the sound bar to create the effect of a surround sound system. A subwoofer can really add some atmosphere to any movie night. Many models actually have a wireless connection from the main soundbar component to the subwoofer, so all the subwoofer needs access to a PowerPoint and can be placed anywhere in the room.

Bluetooth, wifi and NFC connectivity are great things to have as they can allow you to stream music from your mobile device straight to the soundbar. Those with wi-fi connectivity can also connect straight to services like Spotify Connect letting you control and stream music from any laptop or device.

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