Fisher & Paykel

Fisher & Paykel has strengthened its presence as a premium home appliance brand, designing products to change the way people live since 1934. Their design heritage is founded on a pioneering spirit and a culture of curiosity that has challenged appliance design to deliver appliances tailored to human needs.

Beautiful to use, Fisher & Paykel is committed to deliver a wide range of innovative high performing kitchen and laundry appliances. Be inspired by beautiful kitchen design appliances that perfectly integrate into your kitchen and lifestyle. Love your laundry with Fisher & Paykel's washing machines, dryers and washer dryer combos that offer large capacity and high performance.

Washers & Dryers

Fisher & Paykel's washing machines, dryers and washer dryer combos are designed for the modern laundry that look great but offer large capacity, robust construction and high performance. The washing machines are powered by SmartDrive™ technology that senses and responds to each load providing complete fabric care, water efficiency and less vibration for a quieter wash.

Fisher & Paykel have designed dryers that make a perfect pair when matched with our top or front loaders. The Auto-sensing technology prevents your clothes from over drying by sensing moisture levels inside the drum and the function to shut off automatically. Great for making your clothes last longer! Choose from Vented or Condensing Dryers.


Fisher & Paykel understand your every needs with fridges and freezers, whether it's for a small apartment or large family, it will fit every home.

The Fisher & Paykel side by side, fridge freezers and french door fridges are designed with ActiveSmart™ technology that helps store your food fresher for longer. Designed to complement every household, these range combine contemporary styling, and flexible storage and shelving for your changing needs. Built with quality design and materials, perfect for the busy family.


Fisher & Paykel's preminum cooktops are designed to suit your every need in the kitchen. Choose from gas, electric, induction or combination models that is right for you. Whether you like the traditional choice of electric cooktops heated by radiant elements, or the instant heat responsiveness and versatility of gas cooktops, Fisher & Paykel has the right kitchen appliance for you.

Built-in Ovens

Fisher & Paykel's Built-in and Freestanding Ovens are built on quality. The Built-in ovens are designed with generous capacity, high performance and a full range of functions including Bake, Grill and Pastry Bake. Choose to either have your oven under the bench or built-in the wall, these ovens are designed to perfectly match your family kitchen.


Fisher & Paykel rangehoods are built to perform and designed as the perfect partner to our cooktops. These rangehoods are simple to use and easy cleaning, effectively capturing and eliminating cooking odours, vapour and steam.


Fisher & Paykel has revolutionised kitchen design with the dishwashers and DishDrawer™ dishwashers.

The dishwasher range performs quietly and is energy and water efficient. The flexible wash options allows you to program your settings to wash everything from glass, crystal to soiled pots and pans.

The DishDrawer™ dishwashers are designed to suit your kitchen. Available in single or double drawer, these DishDrawer™ dishwashers are easy to use and can be positioned at bench height for ease of loading and unloading your dishes. Each drawer can be used independently with a selection of different wash programs from Quick, Sanitise and Extra Dry options.