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The ultimate decision to pick out the best condenser dryer can be tricky due to the variety out there in the market. But with knowledge of the one you want according to your needs choosing your dryer can be easy. There are a lot of factors to consider before buying one and this makes it important to know your drying needs.


A condenser dryer is the ideal option for use in any home or establishment. It works in a similar way to other normal dryers by passing hot air through your clothes. It however does not require an outside leading vent to expel the moisture from your clothes but instead condenses that moisture into water. The condensed water is pumped into a tank that is fitted in the dryer and that way it is easy to dispose.

These dryers are convenient and reliable as they do not require a lot of supervision and the simplicity in use. They are also cheap in the long run.

More factors to consider when buying a condenser dryer include:


Condenser dryers come in different capacities ranging from 6kg to 9kg. Depending on your present and future load you need a dryer that services your needs accordingly. Buying a large capacity dryer while your load is smaller is a waste of several resources including money and power and buying a small capacity dryer while your load is bigger is waste too including time. So getting your capacity right is essential.


Even though they serve the same purpose dryers have different specifications and this is done due to difference in tastes and preferences of people. The specifications include color, side of hinge, energy rating, and the controls of the dryer. Different people have different likes so the dryers are made to curb this differences hence they come in different colors, the hinges are either right or left, and the dryers are touch, dial or electronically controlled to suit all users. So there is no excuse to not having a dryer.

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Dryers are either condenser or heat pump. The condenser dryer condenses the moisture in your laundry and pumps the water to a tank. While the heat pump dryer passes hot air through your clothes drying them. The heat pump dryers are also fairly expensive compared to the condenser dryers meaning that you have to be considerate of the category you want.


The brand and price of the dryer you choose are important too since some brands of appliances are normally of a higher or lower price than others in the same class or category. So considering the amount of money you wish to spend on your dryer it is critical to research on the prices and brands of dryer in the market to avoid been misled.

Dryers are of different dimensions and where you plan to place your dryer matters in matters of mostly height and width. Some dryers are also wall mounted and so the position matters equally to other matters hence the need for a good plan.


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