Gas Heaters

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Keep warm this winter with a gas heater!

Gas heaters are perfect for heating up vast areas in a house quickly and efficiently. They are some of the most powerful standalone heaters you can buy, and they can be run off the natural gas mains of the house while some can also be converted to run on LPG. There are two forms of gas heaters convection and radiant-convection heaters. Compared to Oil and fan heaters, gas heaters can warm up a room quicker due to their increased power output.

Depending on the model of Gas heart they can also have a number of other features to consider such as electric ignition and programmable timers for energy efficiency and remote controls for easy use. For more information regarding options for gas heaters feel free to contact us! We are always here to lend a hand with suggestions and recommendations both online and in store. 

Buy gas heaters online from Bing Lee today, or browse our full range of heaters for more heating options such as panel heaters, oil heaters, electric heaters and more.
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