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Air Conditioner Guide and Best Advice

Summertime outside the house can be breathtaking and a lot of fun, however it can turn out to be extremely uncomfortable indoors. The sweltering heat and puddle of sweat can be quite irritating. Withal, there's no reason to suffer this way if you can invest in a suitable air conditioning system. There are various types of air conditioner each with a different setup and service different needs.

Split-system Air Conditioner

The split-system air conditioner has two parts - the outside unit (the condenser and compressor side of the system) and an indoor air outlet unit. The two units are connected by a series of ducts and pipes that carry the refrigerant. The split system air conditioner has seen widespread use over the years due to its low cost and also reasonably low noise inside the house as compared to the outside since the noisy condensing side of the system is usually setup on the outside.

Wall Mounted Air Conditioning Unit

Wall mounted air conditioning units are on the whole quick and painless to install and maintain, besides being aesthetically attractive. As the name suggests they are usually set to the wall via metallic mounting plates. It also has a single condenser and compressor unit that is usually fixed to the outside of the building. The wall mounted AC unit is quieter and more aesthetically appealing than portable and window mounted systems. Most wall mounted AC units' cooling capacity can be controlled via a remote control ensuring you receive just the right amount of cooling that you desire.

Portable Air Conditioner

The portable air conditioner unit is a pretty good alternative to the window air conditioning units. They are used to heat single rooms and most of them come with a set of wheels to facilitate easy movement to different rooms. Its setup is pretty easy and straightforward. All portable air conditioners release warm air and moisture as they cool the room. This warm air needs to be discharged to the outside for efficiency in the running of the system. The system includes a window kit (window slider and exhaust pipe) that can be quickly set up to a window so as to expel the warm air and moisture to the outside. Once the setup is complete, you merely plug it into a power supply and the system starts to run.

Inverter Technology

Advancements in technology brought about Inverter technology to the design of air conditioners. Inverter technology has ensured air conditioning units are quieter to run and more economically efficient than the standard air conditioners. As opposed to the fixed speed compressor, the inverter unit regulates the capacity of the compressor. It does so by starting at a low level then slowly increasing its capacity accordingly. The fixed speed processors start at full capacity and alternate between start/stop cycles to obtain the required temperature. With the inverter technology the air conditioner units; posses enhanced efficiency thus quicker cooling and heating, are cheaper to operate and also save energy.

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