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Need a hand with the Dishes? 

No one likes doing the dishes. Save time and effort for the things you love with a dishwasher. There are two different main types of dishwashers freestanding and inbuilt and come with a number of features that you should watch out for.

In-built dishwashers are perfect for people who want to achieve a streamlined aesthetic for their kitchen. They can be built-in under counters or even hidden behind drawers and doors to make sure your kitchen stays looking great. Freestanding dishwashers can be a great option as they can be installed anywhere around the kitchen. All they need to be is plumbed in for water access, and they are ready! They come in a number of designs so they can suit any kitchen.

There are a number of other features to consider when looking to buy a dishwasher:

  • Water and energy efficiency are important for the dishwasher to do the best job using the least amount of water and electricity to do so. More expensive dishwashers generally have higher efficiency ratings saving you money in the long term running costs of them.
  • Timers are a great feature to have especially if the hot water in the household is at a premium, you can set the dishwasher to wash at a time that’s convenient for you
  • Drying programs are also available in some of the more premium dishwashers which mean you can take the dishes straight out of the dishwasher and back into the cupboard

Contact us online or in store for Bing Lee’s range of dishwashers, and we can find one that’s perfect for you!

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