Miele's motto, "Forever Better", is a testament to the superior quality, performance and reliability one can expect from Miele’s high-end dishwashers, ovens, freezers and more. Founded in the 1920s in Germany, Miele has been delivering innovative home solutions since it first went into business. Miele’s founders thought outside of the box and that spirit lives on today. Indeed, Miele is widely celebrated as one of the most recognized brands in Europe based on logo alone. In 2011, Miele was voted “Best Brand” and ‘Most Trusted Brand” in its native Germany. It first won the “Best Brand” award in 2007, beating Google and Porsche. Miele has always valued culinary education and founded the Miele Guide Culinary Scholarship Program sponsoring promising young chefs in Asian countries. Bing Lee is proud to offer Miele's high-quality home appliances online and in stores across Australia, including laundry care, dishwashers and coffee machines.

* Product sold and invoiced by Miele. Bing Lee only acts as an authorised sales agent of Miele

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