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Television entertainment has never been more exciting or satisfying. Today’s 4K and 8K high definition smart TVs with wide, flat screens and high quality audio, together with a limitless variety of on-demand programming, offer the consumer a totally immersive viewing experience. Bing Lee has everything you need to enter this new realm, whether you’re looking for a TV wall mount, HDMI cable, wall bracket or other TV accessories.

No longer can we plonk the goggle box on the floor and curl up on the fleece rug to watch our Sea Patrol repeats. First, we need to either attach it to the TV wall using a wall mount and TV brackets, or place it on one of Bing Lee’s TV stands, such as the Taurus NOVA 1500 entertainment unit. This unit has a retro oak European look with wooden legs, white drawer fronts and cable management system. You can even store your bluetooth speakers neatly away in one of its four drawers.

If you have pets or youngsters, you might prefer one of our full motion mounts to keep it out of reach. If you choose a TV wall mount, don’t forget to pick up a child safety strap, for when the little rascals learn how to climb up onto the bookshelves.

To get started, browse our website for the TV bracket or cabinet you need. We offer flexible payment terms and free shipping on orders over $99.


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