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Tablets are a great option for those who want to watch Netflix, read eBooks or just as a second screen. There are a number of screen size options for whatever your need is. The most common size for tablets is around the 10-inch mark with popular iPads, and Samsung tablets come in this size. There are also different tablets that come in sizes smaller and larger than this.

They can even be used as portable workstations for business when you are on the go. Most tablets are cable of accessing the internet, blasting through emails and even doing word processing and spreadsheets. Some options have inbuilt Wi-Fi to connect to online services. Certain models also come with space for a sim card which can give you internet access no matter where you are.

The two primary operating systems for tablets are Android and iOS. Both of these are easy to use and boast thousands of apps in Google play store, and Apple app store that are optimised for the larger screen tablets provide, including Microsoft office suite so you can get serious work done.

There are plenty of accessories that can improve the functionality of your tablet. Cases are an excellent and stylish way to protect your tablet when you are on the go, keyboards can let you get serious work done, and a stylus can be used for drawing or taking notes.

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