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Which laptop is best for me?

The majority of people have a computer now, it's not a decision on if, but what should you buy. It's crucial to understand the use of the machine. It's rare to find a "one size fits all" computer. Understanding the most important part and the laptop's primary use is a big decision and can affect the next 3 years of its life. A powerful graphics machine, a gaming notebook or an ultra portable netbook are spec'd differently. With this, comes a price tag that doesn't suit everyone.

The general purpose notebook computer is a great place to start for most people with them coming with a different array of specs and prices that can suit any user. They come in a range of specs for various needs with varying processors, RAM, storage and screen resolution. There's a great range of notebook computers options here to suit any need. 

Before buying your computer, think about the next few years, try and understand the laptops primary use. It's always better to find something that will fit all your needs over the computer's lifetime. Be aware that technology moves so fast, not all Laptops are designed to last 5 years. Questions? Don't fully understand which laptop suits you best? We are always here to help. Start a chat below, or come visit us in one of our many stores.

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