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Headphones are an important part of everyone’s day to day routine and with so many types to choose from picking the right one can be a challenge. The two main types of headphones are traditional wired ones, and wireless headphones and both types come in the main designs of in-ear, on-ear and over-ear.

For people on the go or who need something light and easy to carry, in-ear earbuds are a great option. Even though they are small, they can still offer excellent sound quality. They sit in the ear canal and come from a range of manufacturers and price ranges. On-ear can provide excellent sound quality while being stylish and offering a fashion statement. These sit on top of the ear but don’t fully surround it and are a cheaper alternative to over ear headphones. Over-ear headphones can provide studio quality sound but are usually larger and bulkier units. These units cover the ears completely and can provide a great immersive experience or good enough sound quality for producing music.

Wireless headphones provide a tangle free experience and are ideal for people who want to use their headphones while working out or are away from their music device. Noise cancelling is also a great feature to look for if you like to really zone out when listening to music or use them while travelling or in noisy environments.

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