Front Loader Washing Machine


Front loading washers are perfect for people who have heavily soiled laundry and wash quite a few loads a week. Although the regular wash cycle takes longer than top loaders, most front loaders offer different wash cycle options, including a quick wash. Front loaders have more functions than the average top loader, such as pet hair removal, pre-wash cycles, and water temperature adjustments. If you are low on space, front loader washers are compact by design and stackable, so you can place your dryer on top when floor space is limited. With a large barrel capacity, you have the room to wash bulky items such as blankets and doonas (depending on size and thickness). Front loaders have higher spin speeds, cutting down on drying time. As an inbuilt heater heats the water, so the temperature of the water depends on the cycle you choose. 

Some other things to look for when purchasing a Front Load Washer include:

  • Drum Size is the total capacity of the washer and for front load washers can range from 7kg all the way up to 10kg
  • Spin speed varies in different machines, and a higher spin speed means the dryer your clothes will be at the end of the cycle. Some front loaders can spin with a range of 400-1100RPM, others can go beyond this. It all depends on what you want; you can even go for one that spins beyond 1600 RPM depending on your budget
  • Most Front loaders come with a number of different wash modes for various garments including delicates, bedding or even easy ironing 
  • Water and energy efficiency is essential to consider as a more efficient washer will save you money in the long term and may justify the higher price compared to a less efficient cheaper one
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