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Need a hand with a Washing Machine?

Washing machines are one of the most important parts of any household and with technology innovating at such a rate that you might not know which one suits your needs best. There are still 2 main types of washers: Front Loaders and Top loaders. Both have their pros and cons, but there is one for every sort of user.

Front Loaders: Front loaders while generally are more expensive than top loaders but are more water and energy efficient than top loaders. They are a great option for people with delicate clothing as they offer gentler washing and more programs such a pet hair removal and faster spin drying programs than top loaders. Their compact and stackable design also make them ideal for households where space is at a premium!

Top Loaders: Top loaders are lighter and easier to move, but are not stackable. They are also are generally larger and cheaper than front load washing machine. They come with either an agitator or an impeller.

  • Agitator – These machines have a pole in the centre of the drum that moves your clothes around during the wash and spin cycle. They are quieter and offer shorter wash cycles
  • Impeller – This type uses a propeller at the bottom of the drum to circulate clothes around water around the drum. These machines have the largest capacity and use less water than comparative agitator models

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