Food Mixers

Looking for a mixer?

Food mixers have a mixing bowl fixed to a stand with an arm that you can fit various mixing attachments to, such as a whisk for whipping cream and whisking eggs, a beater for mixing cake batter and a dough hook for kneading dough. Some models include a beater with flexible spatula attachment that scrapes ingredients off the side of the bowl as it is mixing for a smooth blend.

This type of mixer is heavier and much larger than a hand mixer, so consider the pros and cons of both. A stand mixer takes all the effort out of baking tasks as you can turn it on and walk away, whereas a hand mixer needs to be continuously held. The deep mixing bowl provides protection against the spraying ingredients around your kitchen. Some stand mixers also come with a splash guard to avoid the clouds of flour that emerge from the bowl. With all the attachments, make sure you have the storage in your kitchen. If it is something you will use often, you may want to keep it on your bench top, storing away attachments for when you need them.

Stand mixers are an excellent investment for keen bakers. With the attachments, they can also be very versatile and save you from having to buy several separate appliances. If you would like to make your own pizza dough, fresh pasta or buttercream icing, this machine allows you to mix in larger batches while saving your arm.

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