Food Processors & Mixers

Want to cook like a pro?

In the world of food processing, there is no limit to what you can create. There are thousands of recipes available for those who enjoy the convenience and ease of cooking with these handy kitchen assistants.

There are many types of mixers and processors for different purposes. From standing counter top mixers that will cover all the functions of a blender and food processor to compact hand held mixers, there are many options and factors to consider. Your decision may be whether to invest in a multifunctional food processor for a versatile aid - one that chops, slices, purees and dices as well as sautés, simmers, bakes and browns - or to go for a more simple juice blender or smoothie maker for a single purpose.

Bing Lee have a great range of food processors, stick mixers and food mixers. Come talk to one of our experts online or in store to find the right mixer to get you cooking like a professional.

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