Upright Freezers


Upright freezers are mostly utilised in large homes or supermarkets to take advantage of the seasonal fruits or veggies situations where storing of these helps in satisfying the taste buds during food cravings of the off-season foodstuffs.

They are also used to take advantage of space for extra storage to cook and store extra food for a huge party order; sauces made in advance or bulk orders of meat and poultry.


Storing of favourite berries, fruits, meats , cold cuts also saves up on the grocery visits one has to make thereby making a day less hassle free

Vertical freezers also have other advantages. Depending on the capacity their energy consumption can be less compared to chest freezers and customers can take a look at the energy ratings before putting their money in.

Big stores can also keep the vertical units. This helps in achieving an organised look. It also helps in viewing the products available. The products can be arranged so as to make it more appealing to the customers or in homes for ease of use. Foods, veggies, sauces can be on top racks together with ice creams and gelatos. Meats, poultry or fish can be placed at the bottom.

Compared to chest freezers, upright freezers fit easily in the kitchen area or any smaller space. Inner lighting also helps in viewing the products in a quick glance. Most of the vertical units are frost-free, even so defrosting them is an easier process compared to chest or horizontal units.

Though upright freezers are a bit expensive they are a good investment for big families or for great party hosts. Though food quality may be affected for products stored over six to eight weeks in vertical freezers, food rotation makes it an easier option thus saving up on content that may go stale.

While making a choice of which freezer to buy, customers should use the tips above to make their selection.

If you are a busy power couple who do not have the time to cook meals every day, a vertical unit would be best for frozen food.


If the family has space constraints in the kitchen, vertical units offer many options with less square feet usage.


Though the overall cost may be a bit high, upright freezers can be energy efficient when you check the ratings.

To help in daily planning of meals, post it notes stuck on the freezer with an inventory list on the side is a great help in organising daily food tasks. Cooked foods can be stored in zip lock bags with their dates written on top to ascertain the usage time. Separate shelf are always handy for different meals, types of food (Liquids go on top, solid on bottom).

For the busy body, always keep in mind that simplicity is the key, which these vertical units offer with their elegant finish and top ratings. Shopping around a bit may take up time but at the end a freezer is always a good garage option for a big family. On top of that, they always have a longer warranty.

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