WiZ - WZ0026011 - 10W Dimmable Warm White Light - E27

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  • SKU: WZ0026011
  • Colour Temperature: 2700K
  • Fitting Type: E27
  • Wattage: 10W
  • Voltage: 220-240V
  • Wireless : Yes
  • Manufacturer Warranty (Years): 5

Our patented WiZ technology lets you enjoy full control of all your lights whether it's through WiFi, mobile data networks, the infrared remote or your existing switches. By giving you more ways to control, you're spoilt for choice when it comes to how you'd like to interact with light.

Advanced voice control

Advanced voice control

In the past, you had to get a smart speaker like Google Home, the Apple HomePod or Amazon Echo Dot before you could enjoy voice control capabilities with your lights.

Now with Google Assistant and the newly released Siri Shortcuts on iOS 12, you can control your lights by talking to any smartphone. Whether you're at home with smart speakers or at work with your phone, you can use your lights with your voice.

Streamline your life

Streamline your life

Thanks to the cloud, WiZ lights integrate easily with most other connected systems so you can use triggers from your other favorite apps. WiZ already has 100+ popular IFTTT applets available on https://ifttt.com/wiz.

Multiple users

Multiple users

We have a powerful multi-user system with three different access right tiers over multiple WiZ locations:

  • Owners can change settings and control the lights in all their WiZ locations – as long as they have internet connectivity.

  • Guests can enjoy control over lights when they’re on the same WiFi network – but they won’t be allowed to change any settings.

  • Temporary guests have the same permissions as ordinary guests... but they will lose access after a certain time period that you get to set for them – each one can be different!


Turn your lights on in your home from your office and vice versa. You can even control your WiZ locations from as far away as the moon. As long as you’ve got internet access, you can do what you want to do with your lights – even when you’re not physically there.

No hub needed

No hub needed

Each WiZ light has its own brain – a 32-bit MCU chip with WiFi – for smarter automation, as our lights are directly, constantly and reliably connected to the cloud for up-to-date preferences and settings without any dependency on a hub or bridge.

Solutions on the market rely on a bridge linked with constant processing from smart devices. These external “brains” are connection relays controlling the not-so-smart bulbs, which create several bottlenecks in the light control system. And bridges are single points of failure with a high security risk.

On top of additional cost, a bridge takes extra time for initial set up of a lighting system. The bridgeless architecture we built up lets you enjoy any individual WiZ light immediately. And your privacy is protected via anonymous sign-in and TLS 1.2 encrypted cloud connections.



WiZ brings total flexibility with 64,000 shades of white and preset well-being modes. Your eyes deserve the right light temperature and intensity to focus on a laptop screen, read a magazine or gradually get yourself ready for bed.

Now with adjustable whites and colors, WiZ lighting experts have designed dynamic modes that completely outshine any other smart lighting products available right now. Like great music tracks, artfully synchronized and randomized, our modes make any room glow with stunning lighting ambiences.

After all, why settle for the same 2,700K CCT of our great-grandparents when we can have so much more instead? Other companies tried to deliver upon the smart lighting promise by tackling a singular, minimalistic white option... but we made the tough choice to not compromise on either hardware or software to put the best technology around WiZ.

Loaded with memory

Loaded with memory

Each WiZ light has 2MB of flash memory, with more than enough space to run complex software smoothly, manage secure updates and store as many settings as needed. This memory also allows the light to be pre-loaded with dynamic light modes such as the ever-popular fireplace, mesmerizing deep dive or fun and light-hearted pastel colors, so that you can still enjoy amazing lighting ambiences modes even without a smartphone nearby.

We have transparent and forced upgrades to ensure that all devices are up-to-date with the latest security patches. Our lights have two firmware slots, with one reserved to store a firmware backup in case there’s an interrupted update to ensure that your lights work all the time.

he right network

The right network

WiZ lights directly connect to the router over 2.4GHz WiFi settings, which ensures a wider coverage than 5GHz. Nowadays, individual WiFi routers can control more than 100 connected devices through relays. Their antennas function across large distances; extended WiFi networks in most residential and commercial areas are now becoming the norm.

Favorites per room

Favorites per room

The four favorite buttons on the WiZmote let you set custom favorite modes for each room – all of which is done in the app itself and automatically mapped onto the WiZmote. Pushing the favorite 1 button in your living room can set a different light mode than for your bathroom or bedroom. What’s more, our patented WiZclick feature makes favorites 1 and 2 magically available with your existing switches.

Security and support

Security and support

Your privacy is protected via anonymous sign-in and TLS 1.2 encrypted cloud connections. The WiZ API, hosted on Amazon Web Services, requires safe authentication through OAuth 2.0. Transparent and forced upgrades ensures that all your WiZ lights are up-to-date with the latest security patches.

Each one of your lights has its own unique password, which makes them collectively harder to hack into than a Zigbee bridge.

In case something does go wrong, WiZ is supported in six languages across Europe and North America via chat and email. So don’t worry.

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Additional Information

SKU WZ0026011
Colour Temperature 2700K
Fitting Type E27
Wattage 10W
Voltage 220-240V
Wireless Yes
Manufacturer Warranty (Years) 5

Manufacturer Specs

806lm total luminous flux
25000h rated lifetime
= 50000 switching cycles
80 colour rendering index
Compatible with InfraRed remote
Dimmable via smart devices only

Product Short Description: A E27 WiZ60 DW WW
Category: Lamp
Lamp type: A60
Lamp base: E27/ES
Rated power / Rated wattage (0.1W precision): 10W
Total luminous flux (lm / lumen): 806lm
Color temperature / CCT (K / Kelvin): 2700K
Colour rendering index (CRI / Ra): 80
Equivalence claim: 10W => 60W Incand
Rated voltage (V / volts): 220-240V
Rated frequency (Hz): 50/60Hz
Input current (mA / mili -ampere): 80mA
Use of the term Energy-saving lamp (EEI = 0.40): Yes
Rated lifetime (in hours): 25000h
Number of switching cycles before premature failure: = 50000 cycles
Starting time (as X.X seconds): < 0.5s (WiZclick mode)
Use of the term "instant full light" (<1 second): Yes
Warm-up time to 95% of the full light output (LED lamps): < 1s
Dimmable or not: Dimmable via smart devices only
Lamp Material: Cover: PC; Base:PC; Heatsink: Aluminum
Compatible with remote control: Compatible with InfraRed remote

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