Whirlpool Microwave Ovens

Bing Lee prides itself on delivering trusted appliances to their customers to help complement your home with intuition and ease. Whirlpool appliances work the way you want them to, smarter, faster and easier. Utilising the latest technologies and with decades of expertise, Whirlpool microwaves deliver outstanding performance and convenience in your kitchen at an easily affordable price tag. Whirlpool is a leader in its industry, valuing their customer’s intuition and adding it into the way their appliances work. Guesswork is no longer a thing with Whirlpool.

Renowned as an award-winning brand and household name globally, shop the range of Whirlpool products online with Bing Lee, Australian and family owned since 1957.

Whirlpool Microwave Ovens

Using the latest innovative and advanced technology in cooking means you can do so much more with Whirlpool microwave ovens without breaking the bank. Available features on select products across the range include Whirlpool Crispfry technology, Quartz Grill, 3D Microwave distribution, 6th Sense Steam and even an automatic easy to clean function. The highly efficient and reliable microwaves offered by Whirlpool, with steam and convection cooking means you get the perfect blend of microwave and fan-forced oven.

It’s never been easier to prepare quick, easy and healthy meals for the ones you love, right in your own home with your brand new Whirlpool microwave oven. Bing Lee offers honest advice on brands they know and trust, and Whirlpool microwaves are no different. It’s all delivered with low prices that Bing Lee has delivered since 1957.

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