Westinghouse - ACC260 - 60cm Oven Runners Kit

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Oven Runners. Tasting, stirring, and basting – it’s a breeze with the Westinghouse oven runners kit. Each pack consists of two sets of Telescopic Runners and two Wire Shelves.

Oven Runners

Cooking is a whole lot easier with the Westinghouse Oven Runners. With two additional sets of oven runners, you can safely pull the oven racks and trays all the way out of the oven. So not only is loading and unloading the oven more efficient, but its also easier to check your cooking and stir your food. Better access...

Tray Fastener

The Westinghouse Oven Runners are designed to grab and hold your Westinghouse Oven Racks, Roasting Dishes and Baking Trays, giving you a safe and secure slide every time.

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Manufacturer Specs

2 sets telescopic oven runners
2 wire shelves
Quick & easy installation
Durable construction
Designed to grab & hold your oven racks

WVE614SA: Yes
WVE606SA: Yes
WVE614WA: Yes
WVE615S: Yes
WVE615W: Yes
WVE626S: Yes
WVE626W: Yes
WVE665S: Yes
WVE665W: Yes
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WVE655W: Yes
WVE636S: Yes

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