VS Sassoon - VSP2667A - Curl Secret

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  • Manufacturer Warranty (Years): 2

Hair goes in, curls come out — it's that simple

The curl revolution is here! Featuring revolutionary new patented technology, this breathtakingly innovative styler is unbelievably simple and quick to use, creating beautiful results in no time.

Soft and loose curls

Soft and loose curls

You can create a really soft, big and loose curl look using the Curl Secret. Simply set the timer setting to 8 seconds and wait for the quick beeps to prompt you to release your hair. Results also depend on your hair type, so don’t be afraid to experiment with using the lower heat setting to create this softer look. Another tip to create soft curls using the Curl Secret is to hold the hair inside the heated curl chamber for only a few seconds and release the hair before you hear the quick beeps. Using a low heat and the shortest timer setting is the easiest way to create soft curls using the Curl Secret.

Medium curls and bounce

Medium curls and bounce

If you like your curls to be little bit more bouncy or you find that you usually need to hold your hair a bit longer to create the perfect curl, select the 10 second curl style time setting on the Curl Secret. Place your hair across the guide and wait for the quick beeps before releasing. Using the 10 second setting on the Curl Secret creates bouncy, shiny curls effortlessly.

Long lasting, defined curls

Long lasting, defined curls

Curl Secret’s Heated Ceramic Curl Chamber allows your hair to be heated from all directions giving you fantastic curl results. The 12 seconds timer setting on the Curl Secret will give you the longest lasting and most defined curls. This setting is also ideal if your hair is heavier and tends to ‘drop’ and you are looking to achieve long lasting salon style results.

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Additional Information

Manufacturer Warranty (Years) 2

Manufacturer Specs

3 Curl style timer settings
2 Heat settings
Patented auto-curl technology
Automatic curling system
Ceramic tourmaline curl chamber
New brushless motor technology with anti-tangle sensor
Double heating system

Warranty Details

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