Vintec 130 Bottle Wine Cabinet - V110SGES3

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  • SKU: V110SGES3
  • Energy Consumption: 1 kWh / per day
  • Temperature Zones: 1
  • Temperature Ranges: 6-18°C
  • Display Type: LED
  • Lighting: Blue LED
  • Reversible Door: Yes
  • Door Alarm: Yes (Visual Only)

V110SGES3 | Vintec Single Zone Wine Cabinet

Since all wines – reds, whites and Champagne – cellar at the same temperature (12° - 14°C), a Single Zone cabinet is ideal for conveniently storing and cellaring all your wines. Alternatively, a Single Zone cabinet can be used to serve wines at optimal drinking temperatures: either 6° - 8° for white, or 16° - 18° for red.

Stable Temperature

Stable Temperature

Vintec wine cabinets maintain a stable temperature to keep your wine in perfect cellaring conditions. This is thanks to triple glazed glass, insulated side panels and interactions between a compressor and thermostat. (Digital display varies by model)

*Temperature fluctuations denature your wines. In particular, temperatures above 25°C will ruin wine within a couple of weeks and create “spoiled fruit” flavours.

UV Protected Dark Storage Area

UV Protected Dark Storage Area

UV rays negatively impact the quality of your wine. Our cabinets eliminate this treat by incorporating UV treated tinted glass doors, dark interiors and dimmed internal LED lights.

*All light should be avoided, but UV light in particular: it creates hydrogen sulphide compounds in wine and affects the tannins and colour of your wine.

No Vibration

No Vibration

To protect the storage life and quality of your wine, our cabinets have been designed to create a vibration proof environment by including an externally housed compressor, rubber shock absorbers and vibration absorbing wooden shelves.

*Imperceptible vibrations prematurely deteriorate wine by speeding up chemical reactions and ageing.

Humidity above 50%

Humidity above 50%

Vintec wine cabinets incorporate a Thermal Recycling Pump that ensures adequate humidity levels are maintained. The Thermal Recycling Pump works by heating condensed water, which is then introduced as humid air within the cabinet.

*Humidity lower than 50% causes corks to dry out and shrink, allowing damaging air into the wine, creating oxidation and “off” odours.

Humidity above 50%


Vintec cabinets include internal and external fans to ensure a slow reticulated air flow throughout the cabinet. The larger models also include a carbon filter to limit any odours penetrating from the exterior.

*Lack of appropriate ventilation and air change makes wine cellars become stale and mouldy.

Why choose Vintec?

Why choose Vintec?

In fact, that is all we do. Being intimately connected to the wine industry and focussed solely on wine cabinets for over two decades, we have developed the largest and most advanced range to suit all wine storage requirements. Our highest priority is to offer the best and safest storage solution for your wine.

All Vintec wine cellars have been tested to ensure they function in Australian and New Zealand climates. Covered by a two year warranty, our cellars bear unique identification numbers that allow their origin and authenticity to be traced. They are also backed by dedicated phone support teams in Sydney and Auckland, as well as a national network of service specialists.

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Additional Information

Energy Consumption 1 kWh / per day
Temperature Zones 1
Temperature Ranges 6-18°C
Display Type LED
Lighting Blue LED
Reversible Door Yes
Door Alarm Yes (Visual Only)
Height 1390
Width 595
Depth 680
Weight 86
Manufacturer Warranty (Years) 2

Manufacturer Specs

Humidity controlled
Single temperature
10 sliding & 1 half wooden shelf
Blue internal led light
Electronic temperature control & display
Adjustable feet
Reversable door
Seamless Stainless Steel frame glass door
Cabinet body colour available in Black only

Power: 240v 50-60Hz
Electricity Consumption: 1 kWh / per day
Temperature: 6° - 18°
Door Frame Colour: Seamless Stainless Steel
Cabinet Body Colour: Black
Easy / Max Bottle Capacity: 121 / 121 (Standard 750mL Bordeaux bottles)

Warranty Details

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What's in the Box?

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