Uniden UHF Radios

When taking on the great outdoors, few things can prove to be quite as useful as a good UHF radio. Whether you need to stay in touch with your basecamp when hiking or keep in contact with your convoy on that epic 4WD trip you have been planning. Thankfully at Bing Lee we offer a wide variety of Uniden UHF radios to suit all needs, such as kid safe radios that block out unwanted communications and keep you contactable when mobile phone coverage may be minimal. If you require a more robust piece of equipment then we also stock fully waterproof long range radios perfect for harsh environments and extreme weather. Be fully equipped for your next adventure and shop with Bing Lee today.

With flexible payment options such as Zip Pay and Afterpay we can help you get all your gear together in time for your next trip by buying now and paying later. As a proudly Australian owned family business we understand the importance of proper preparation when taking on the great outdoors, so get your kit sorted today and don’t get caught halfway to nowhere without a radio. Shop with Bing Lee today and we can offer you several convenient pickup and delivery options to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

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