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    Blast off into STEM with the JIMU Robot AstroBot Kit! Build and program three fearless robots – AstroBot, Rover, or Astron – or learn to control your very own JIMU Robot creation!
    This kit offers JIMU Masters the ultimate combination of robotics hardware and coding fun. All-terrain treads, an infrared sensor, two LEDs, and a speaker is all the tech you need to take your imagination and coding skills into the future... and beyond!
    Engage in hands-on STEM learning by programming JIMU robots using the Blockly coding platform, or by creating entirely new, custom actions with the PRP (Pose, Record, Play) function. However you play, this kit will strengthen programming skills and provide invaluable learning experiences.

    Download the App

    Download the App

    Use a compatible iOS or Android device to download the FREE JIMU Robot app. Share or discover new models and connect with other creators in our global robotics community.

    Build Your Robot

    Build Your Robot

    Choose to build either AstroBot, Rover, or Astron using the 3D, 360° animated instructions that will guide you through each step of construction.

    Program Your Robot

    Program Your Robot

    Blockly coding makes programming simple and fun. Drag-and-drop interlocking blocks of customizable sequences to make your JIMU robots navigate obstacles, pick-up objects, control light and sound effects, show emotions, and more.

    Smooth Movements Motion

    Smooth Movements Motion

    Control the fluid-like motion of your JIMU robots through the app. The flexible movements are made possible with our proprietary, high-torque robotic servo motors.

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    Manufacturer Specs

    1 detachable main controller
    1 infrared sensor
    1 Bluetooth speaker
    2 LED lights
    5 high torque servo motors
    377 parts made from ABS eco-friendly materials
    Available in Astron, Rover & Astrobot forms

    Form: 3
    Material: ABS, ABS + PC plastic, PC, POM
    Quantity: 377pcs
    Degrees of freedom: 5

    Operating voltage: DC 6.8V - DC 9.6V (Typical value: 7.4V)
    Operating current: 1A-2A
    Operating temperature: -5°C to 60°C
    Software system: Android version 4.0.3 and higher, iOS version 8.0 & higher

    Processor: STM32F070
    Memory: 4M
    Communication: Dual-mode Bluetooth 3.0/4.0 BLE+EDR

    DC: 1
    2-pin port: 1 switch port
    3-pin port: 5 ports for servos and sensor
    4-pin port: 1 port for gyro sensor

    Battery type: Lithium polymer battery
    Battery capacity: 1200mAh

    Output torque: 4kg.cm
    Operating voltage: 6.5 - 9.6V
    Operating current: 80-200mA
    Locked-rotor current: 1700mA
    Rotation speed: 0.1 sec/60°
    Precision: No-load 1/3°, on-load 1°
    Usage life: 150H

    Operating voltage: 6.8 - 9.6V
    Power: =1.5W
    Infrared wavelength: 90nm
    Infrared distance: 2cm - 15cm
    Port: 3-pin socket
    Operating temperature: -15°C to 45°C
    Color: White

    Operating voltage: 6.8 - 9.6V DC
    Power: =2W
    Bluetooth: 4.1 EDR
    Speaker: 4 ohm 2W
    Mic acquisition precision: -42dB
    Communication protocol: Half-duplex serial communication
    Port: 3-pin socket
    Operating temperature: -10°C to 50°C
    Color: Bluish White

    Operating voltage: 6.8 - 9.6V DC
    Power: =0.8W
    Number of LED: 8 groups
    LED color: RGB
    Communication protocol: Half-duplex serial communication
    Port: 3-pin socket
    Operating temperature: -10°C to 50°C
    Color: Steel Blue

    Character: Smart, lively, cunning but intelligent
    Servo motors: 4
    Connectors: 25pcs
    Decorative parts: 134pcs
    Preset individual actions: Standby, Crazy dance, Happy, Twist, Stroll, Street dance, Move forward, Back off, Move left, Move right

    Character: Steady, honest, often ridiculed but brave & righteous
    Servo motors: 5
    Connectors: 45pcs
    Decorative parts: 220pcs
    Preset individual actions: Standby, Detect, Move forward, Back off, Turn left, Turn right

    Character: Smart and powerful with extraordinary skills
    Servo motors: 5
    Connectors: 58pcs
    Decorative parts: 227pcs
    Preset individual actions: Standby, Pick up, Place, Place, Stretch, Boxing, Sleep, Dance, Angry, Hug, Clap, Forward, Back, Turn left, Turn right, Happy

    3D dynamic assembly drawings: 3D views for easy building
    3+N forms: Clever use of images guide users to unleash their creativity
    Educational games: Graded design to infuse knowledge using edutainment

    Visual modular design: Modular design, logical presentation, easy to understand
    Block type modules connected with programming: Use the intelligent settings as desired, easy to master
    SWIFT code query (only available for iOS systems): Check back-end programming code for a deeper understanding

    Enjoy parent-child interactions: Yes
    Build with friends to expand social skills: Yes
    Share and learn with the community: Yes

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