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Samsung LED TV

LED or (light-emitting diode) and LCD (liquid crystal display) TV’s are somewhat similar in technology. The differences are in the way picture brightness is produced. Standard LCD's use fluorescent lights whereas LED's have tiny lights that are more energy efficient for backlighting.

The picture in LED technology has better contrast and is brighter. In movies a richer picture shows up the darker areas better. The hardware part of the screen is thinner with LED sometimes (0.3 inches) and not as much power is used. Most agree the LED technology surpasses the traditional fluorescent style of the past.

Why buy LED over LCD?

LED offers an awesome visual effect and authentic theatre producing experience. It also offers truer and brighter whites. For the higher price it can be well worth it. As to the less expensive LCD you are getting a bargain for a very good picture. LED has more flexibility and control over picture quality. In LCD the bulbs may fade and change color with age. The longevity of the bulbs are shortened so the lifespan may be shorter. LED TVs have a more realistic color and feel than traditional LCD.

Panasonic LED TV

In LED there are two main forms of backlighting being edge lighting and local dimming. In edge lighting led's are around the edge of the panel producing very thin construction. Local dimming backlighting has groups of lights behind the panel and they can be controlled to diminish the quantity of backlighting in dark areas. A full service backlighting and local dimming produces the best quality in LED TV’s.

Better black levels and contrasts are in the LED TV’s. Color accuracy is also better in the LED TV’s. Viewing angles are very similar in both LED and LCD TV’s. Thicker and higher quality glass panel provides a better viewing angle. This depends on what the particular manufacturer supplies. So, edge lit with local dimming provides better picture quality with darker black levels.

Best choice for price is the LCD TV’s and the reason is that LED TV’s are becoming more popular. Best choice for size is the LED TV’s compared to LCD TV’s but not by a wide margin. Smaller spaces are required for LED TV’s and some unnecessary weight is compromised.


Gaming console hookups to your monitor can be a factor with something called burn-in. This is the creation of permanent images on the screen when used for a long time. This is less likely to happen with the more in-expensive LCD TV rather than the LED TV. Also, avoid this same issue if you'd like to hook up a high-end home theatre.

In conclusion the buyer needs to decide whichever suits their needs best. For the more advanced technology, in general a slightly better picture quality but higher price tag and the LED TV is yours. LCD TV’s offer lower prices with good value adding above average picture quality. Properly setting up your new LED or LCD has a big factor in what you'll see on the screen. Even the best LED's or LCD's will not deliver the best picture quality if not properly set up.

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