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Toshiba truly deserves its slogan and mantra, “Leading Innovation”. In 1985, the Japanese multinational electronics manufacturer developed the world’s first industry standard notebook computer and has led the way ever since. To date, Toshiba has sold over 75 million laptops, becoming in 2010 the world’s fifth largest electronics manufacturer. In 2012, Toshiba was listed 97th on the Fortune Global 500 scale. Toshiba developed the world's first industry standard Notebook computer (also known as a laptop) in 1985 and has led the way ever since. Toshiba is one of the leading brands in the world, with over 75 million laptops sold to date. Toshiba values integrity as much as innovation, something the company as a global leader is highly committed to maintaining. Toshiba is currently reinventing itself to become more eco-friendly. Bing Lee carries many Toshiba products including laptop computers, Plasma, LCD and TV/DVD players.

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