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  • Manufacturer Warranty (Years): 6

SmartFilter 8 has two unique isolated banks offering fail-safe protection for your valuable electronic equipment, plus advanced noise filtering for improved sound and video quality

The Thor SmartBrain not only protects from surges, it also filters and cleans electrical frequency noise. Cascade Filter “cleans” around 20% more frequencies than other filtered boards to give you unbeatable sound and video quality. Enjoy a truer AV experience with better picture quality and purer sound. Can also improve computer gaming speeds and fix internet dropouts



All Thor models have the highest Joule rating meaning even giant surges will be stopped.



SmartBrain entry level filter is a passive technology. Managing to cover a more comprehensive range of shielding to like competitors by “cleaning” a wider range of unwanted frequency noise.



All Thor models have the fastest reaction in their category ( less than 1 nanosecond ), the less time exposed to dangerious surges the better.



All Thor products have a full 6 years product warranty.

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Additional Information

Manufacturer Warranty (Years) 6

Manufacturer Specs

Cascade Filter Technology
Two isolated surge protected banks
Bank 1 = 4 outlet Bank 2 = 4 outlets
8 Outlets -all in the one compact board
Data & Aerial Protection With Cable TV connection
Fibre Optic And Broadband Compatible
Multiple Application Identity Tags
Designed and Engineered in Australia
100% Australian Owned And Compliant

Supply Voltage: 240/Vac 50/Hz
Maximum Current Rating: 10amps/2400 W (Va)
Clamping Voltage: 275Vac
Reaction Time: Less than 1 Nano Sec
Maximum Transient Spike Impulse Current (AMPS): 196,000 amps. Equivalent to 49,000 amps using UL1449 Std
Maximum Energy Dissipation (Joules): 4890 Joules. Equivalent to 1750 Joules using UL1449 Std
Protection Modes (all 8 outlets Protects on all 3 conductors): Active/Neutral, Active/Earth, Neutral/Earth
EMI/RFI Noise Reduction Filter Type: Incorporating 38 separate protection components in 3 cascading circuits
Number of Multi-Stage Filter Banks: 2
Number of Isolated Banks: 2
Number of dedicated Outlets: 4+4
Total Number of Protected AC Outlets: 8 protected outlets
Incoming Telephone Line Protection (DC) with Inline Splitter (1 in - 2 out) RJ: 1 Line in /2 lines out, RJ45 Broadband/Network ready
Incoming Television Aerial protection (DC): 1 Line in /1 line out
Cable TV 'F' type connection: yes
Earth Potential Rise Protection: yes
Earth leakage Range: Less than 1 milli amp
Operating conditions: Indoor / AC Mains
Operating Temperatures: - 10C/+60C
Safety Approval No: RCM5287
Cable length: 1.8m

Warranty Details

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