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With the correct equipment, specifically, a fly lead, good cable and, most importantly, a good single antenna TV is generally available to everyone in Australia through either terrestrial or satellite services. But according to the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), a faulty outdoor antenna is the most common cause of poor TV reception.

So if you live in an area that’s prone to strong winds or other heavy weather or you don't fancy the idea of climbing up onto the roof to adjust your ‘optimised TV receiving station’ every ad break, just browse the range of indoor antennas on our website. An indoor antenna can help you improve your signal strength and picture quality while also accessing a wider range of channels without paying hefty subscription charges.

Another type of signal booster is the digital TV antenna, which performs essentially the same function as the regular kind, but they will also receive programming broadcast on the UHF band. Other TV accessories that can help you get a better TV signal might include an HDMI cable, fire stick, or 3D glasses.

Whether you’re looking for an antenna TV or a laptop for viewing content via a service like Amazon Video or Netflix, Bing Lee can hook you up. We offer flexible payment terms, easy returns and free delivery on all orders over $99.


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