Remote Controls

Your mums and dads in the Baby Boomer generation had it rough. Can you imagine having to walk across the room to control your TV? One of the most welcome inventions in TV accessories of the 20th century was the TV remote, which is just as well now that we have hundreds of channels to flip through.

TV remotes have evolved to a high degree since the oldies brought home their first 12-inch black and white. Now, you've got your universal TV remote control, which can be programmed to operate all sorts of electronic devices in your home in addition to your 4K TV set. Have you got smart TVs in your house? You'll need a smart remote if you expect to be able to read your email on your 56-inch wide screen.

On our Bing Lee media streaming devices web page, you'll find all sorts of TV remote along with other essential TV accessories like Bluetooth music receivers, media hubs, Chromecast devices and more.

We offer a competitive pricing policy, easy returns, a range of payment methods (we now accept Afterpay), and online order tracking. So get yourself on that sofa, pick up your universal remote and surf your way to a complete home electronic entertainment system!

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