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Cinematic experience in the comfort of your home

UHD (Ultra High Definition) players deliver exceptional image quality so that you can enjoy your favourite movies at home with even better detail, sharper contrasts and wider colour ranges. This technology optimises your viewing experience with outstanding upscaling and compatibility to your existing CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs - no matter how old! So you'll get to watch the content you know and love with vibrant images and more accurate playback.

Not only can you set up your living room with cinema-like standards, but you can also spoil yourself with the convenience of instant entertainment. You can catch up on binge-worthy shows with some UHD players featuring Wi-Fi and access to streaming services such as Netflix.

Pair your UHD player with your existing TV or talk to one of our Bing Lee experts to find the right pick for you and your family. Your movie marathons will be changed forever!

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