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A blu ray player uses a new generation of digital video disc. A more advanced life form compared to the DVD, it’s designed to store more data and transmit a higher definition (HD) picture through your TV. Perfect for watching inter-galactic space battles, it’s actually better than being there because those death rays and space ships aren’t really flying toward you, they just look that way.

It’s not just sci-fi that looks better on a blu ray media player; every image appears sharper and cleaner when viewed from a blu ray disc. Bing Lee sells a wide selection of 4K HD and UHD blu ray players, set top TV box media players, Chromecast devices that allow you to enjoy media over wi fi, DVD players and of course laptops.

The good new is that if you have media that was produced on a DVD recorder, you don’t have to throw away your old box sets of Australia’s Next Top Model or that vintage episode of Scott and Charlene’s wedding from Neighbours. Your new blu ray player will not only be able to play the old discs, it may even improve the output a little. Don't forget to check out our range of TV brackets and cabinets while you're here!

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