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Bing Lee offers the very latest in innovative and smart TV technology. Their unique design is based on smooth and sinuous lines that give the devices a contemporary aesthetic. The modern, intelligent processor optimises both speed and graphics, giving the viewer surprisingly detailed images and a pure, realistic sound. The various TV screen sizes and high display resolution mean you can have realistic, high picture quality images in your own living room. Not only that but our HISENSE SMART OLED TVs have very low energy consumption, which puts it among the top OLED TVs with the best quality-consumption ratios on the market. As for the equipment, these devices have 4 HDMI inputs, 2 USB inputs and USB HDD recording functionality.

We find the high quality of full HD pixels and the available shades and tones in the OLED display of HISENSE SMART OLED TVs create images with magnificent colours that come alive. There’s even a broad range of blacks. You just can't get better than this in home entertainment technology. Colours are clearer and with exquisite detail thanks to the organic light emitting diode. The contrast and wide range of colours will allow you to enjoy the movies as if you were at the cinema. For ultra high definition, browse our range of 4k TVs in-store or online. We also have QLED TV sets available. Whatever you choose, immerse yourself in an incredible television viewing experience by shopping with Bing Lee today!

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