Curved TVs

Curved Television Buying Guide

When looking at purchasing a new Television, you might see that some of the higher end models from Samsung and LG come in a curved variation. Why would you buy a curved television over the traditional flat panel tv? There are some important characteristics that set curved televisions apart from Flat screen televisions:

  • Aesthetic – Curved Televisions can offer a great futuristic enhancement to any living room. The look of curved televisions usually entails premium materials and design
  • Immersive Experience – The curve design of the television matches the concave shape of the eye giving the perception that the screen is larger. This means, for example, a curved 55” television would appear bigger than the equivalent traditional 55” television. For smaller rooms, this makes curved televisions the perfect option for bang for your buck as a smaller curved television can compensate for a larger traditional flat screen television
  • Premium features – With the price of curved televisions you can expect all the premium features that you would usually find in high-end televisions such as OLED panels, 4k Ultra High Definition, Smart functionality, High Dynamic Range compatibility and built-in Wi-Fi.
  • Better Viewing Angles – With the concave screen there are wider viewing angles when watching content as you will not be watchinAg a flat screen on an angle. This also means there will be less glare on the screen making them ideal for bright rooms.

Some things to consider when purchasing a curved television:

  • As with most premium thin televisions, the sound is sacrificed to maintain the design so you may want to factor in the price of a sound bar with your purchase. Both LG and Samsung offer curved soundbars which match the design of curved televisions
  • While curved televisions are perfect for viewing due to the design, the televisions can be bulkier. Curved televisions can also be harder to wall mount with a unique bracket being required. They are best suited to sitting on a cabinet on the included stand for a stable position
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Curved TVs