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No longer a luxury, the smartphone - much like the laptop - is one of life’s essentials. Your Apple iPhone, Google Pixel, or Samsung Galaxy s10 is more than a communication device; it’s a media player, social organiser, calendar, timekeeper, personal trainer and one-stop lifestyle coach. You panic if you’re away from it for more than a few moments, and it’s probably the first thing you reach for on your nightstand every morning.

Bing Lee has the latest flagship phones and smartphones at every price point, with and without fancy bells and whistles, and with a wide range of operating systems, screen sizes, user interfaces and storage capacities. There's even an app for your mobile phone to alert you when someone's using your Ring doorbell!

Check out the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in Midnight Black, which has a 128GB memory. That’s right — 128 gigabytes, not megabytes. In the wake of experience with the Note 7, Samsung has expanded the battery life of its Android smartphone Note 9 to a comfortable 22-24 hours. At the other end of the spectrum, in terms of both price and complexity is the Áspera F28 for people who just want to talk to someone.

Whether you’re looking for a smartphone, smart watch, or bluetooth speakers, grab yourself a coffee and take some time to buzz around our website. We're sure you'll find something to stop you from scrolling!

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