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We're not just all about TVs here at Bing Lee. With one of our smart watches, you'll always know what time it is. You’ll also be able to track your heart rate, fitness goals, stress level, and REM sleep. A fitness tracker keeps you honest about how much you’re really working out and enables you to track your runs. And there we were thinking it was pretty cool that Dick Tracy’s watch lets him talk to people!

The watch faces of today’s smart watches have gone “back to the future”. First, there were analog dials; you could ‘see’ how much time you had before the footy came on the telly. Then came the digital age, and the 24-hour clock finally made sense. Now, with the new Samsung Gear 3 Frontier, we’re back to measuring time in five-minute chunks.

If you’re looking for a smart watch that’s attractive as well as functional, then you can’t go wrong with the water resistant Samsung Galaxy Watch Active in rose gold. The latest in Samsung gear, it'll almost replace your laptop since it can sync wirelessly with your bluetooth speakers so you can stream playlists straight from your watch.

Or why not try something in our timeless stainless steel range. At Bing Lee, you’ll find that new video doorbell you've been looking for too. So why not take a minute to browse the rest of our website? You’ve got time.

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