2 in 1 laptops are new innovative designs that have hit the laptop market and are increasingly popular because of their range of functions; they are both a fully functioning laptop with a keyboard, as well as a touchscreen tablet. This unique product allows you to easily move between a laptop and a touchscreen tablet; and this is the feature, which attracts most buyers. It is important to understand researching these products the advantages and weaknesses that they have; for example whilst they have more the portability of a tablet than a laptop, they are still not quite as thin or light as a tablet.

Additionally, the 2 in 1 laptop has become increasingly popular and widely available, there are an ever-increasing number and variety of designs – all of which offer the buyer a unique quality that differentiates it from a regular laptop or a regular tablet. The common denominator to all styles of 2 in 1s is that they include some sort of convertible or detachable touchscreen, which makes them more than just your regular laptop. 2 in 1s are versatile and adaptable computers, and Bing Lee understands the differences between each product and design, and the advantaged and weaknesses of each.


2 in 1s blur the line between a tablet and a laptop, and they come in a variety of designs, however there are two main variants; these include 2 in 1s with detachable keyboards, and 2 in 1s with 360-degree hinges.


The Ultrabook design refers to 2 in 1s with 360-degree hinges. This type of 2 in 1 boasts a screen that is able to fold back until it becomes flush with the laptop – transferring the device into a bulkier tablet. The most common design in this category typically involves the screen of the laptop simply folding back 360 degrees, resting against the back of the laptop.

An advantage of this design is that the laptop easily converts to a tablet and vice versa. With the quick flip of the screen the whole design of the laptop is changed. Another advantage is that the design is robust and generally very sturdy. Additionally, the 2 in 1 is able to stand up in tend mode or stand mode, which makes it easy to use in a variety of situations. Whether you be sitting at a meeting desk or on a bus – the design can easily shift according to your needs at that moment that you’re using it.

A disadvantage of this style of 2 in 1 is that the keyboard is often on the underside once it’s folded, which can be awkward to carry and also awkward to fold. Also, because you simply fold back half the laptop, this design is significantly more bulky and heavy than your standard tablet. Therefore, this design is certainly more appropriate for those who value the laptop element of the design rather than the tablet design.


Detachable design refers to 2 in 1s that are essentially tablets that attach to a laptop style keyboard that can be connected and disconnected at your will. Most designs keep the main hardware in the screen side, with extra batteries, storage and I/O ports occasionally located with the keyboard. The beauty of this product is that it is easily converted between a laptop and tablet by simply pulling apart or putting together the two sections.

A benefit of this design style of 2 in 1 laptops is that they are small and light as a tablet; this is because the bulkiness of the keyboard is not connected to the 2 in 1 when it is in tablet form. Additionally it is fast to convert because typically the keyboard simply detaches or connects. Another perk of this design is that the keyboard sometimes has extra storage or battery.

A weakness of this design is that the keyboard must be carried separately when it is detached – this means its prone to being lost or damaged and you must consider having a spot to put it when it is separated. This 2 in 1 design suites the needs of someone who intends to use it predominantly in tablet form, but wants the advantage of being able to connect a keyboard when you have to do a lot of typing. The format and usability of these products largely resembles that of a tablet rather than a laptop.


The main features that you should be considering when buying a 2 in 1 is that they are slim and light, have the ability to deliver consistent everyday performance, have a long battery life, easily used by people with a variety of interests and abilities, and function according to your specific needs.

2 in 1 hybrids also include other features from tablets, laptop and notebook designs which should be considered. Look for 2 in 1s with full HD display that delivers vivid and detailed images as well as ultra-wide viewing angles. Built in webcams are also a must have because they allow for video conferencing, calling or just taking selfies. The weight of the device varies across different models – the more lightweight products are usually preferred. The size of the 2 in 1 screen, which often varies between 10 inches and 14 inches; a larger screen size allows for improved viewing, however it also increases the bulkiness of the laptop. The amount of storage the 2 in 1 can hold is also a factor to consider. And lastly it’s compatibility and usability with different software such as Microsoft.


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