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Replace both your laptop and tablet!

2-in-1’s are a great option for someone who wants to replace both their laptop and tablet with the one device. 2-in-1's offer the power and productivity of laptops while combining the portability and versatility of a tablet. There is a range of options to look at when purchasing a new 2-in-1 computer.

What makes a 2-in-1 is either a reversible hinge that allows the screen to flip back on itself or can even be detached from the keyboard to create a standalone tablet for greater portability. These features make them a great alternative to both your laptop and tablet, versatile enough for whatever your needs are.

Some other features to look for when purchasing a new 2-in-1 includes a full HD or 4k screen these can be taxing on battery life and a selection of ports, one of which to look for is the newest type of USB-C which is multi-use and is quickly becoming standard across the new range of laptops. Depending on the price range there are many of options when it comes to storage for 2-in-1 devices. SSD's or Solid state drives have no movies parts making them more durable than traditional hard drives, these drives are much quicker than traditional hard drives and allow you to almost instantly access all your stored content.

All new 2-in-1 devices run Windows 10 the latest operating system from Microsoft. With Windows 10 you have the most powerful operating system that has ever been shipped. It can run all of your office programs like Word and Excel as well as powerful editing software like Adobe Photoshop and creative cloud. 

Come in-store and see the full range of 2-in-1 options and talk to an expert to get your next one!

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