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The router is the centre of any home wireless networking solution. It provides both access to the Internet while providing a wireless connection for all your devices. These days the average home has heaps of devices that require internet connections, smartphones, tablets, laptops, televisions and now even appliances like fridges, washers and coffee machines need an internet connection. A good router will allow all these devices to access the internet and connect with one another to share files with one another.

Almost all new routers come with the 802.11ac standard for wireless. This new standard provides greater speeds, wider range and a broader range of devices to be connected to the network. There are single, dual and tri-band routers now. These allow you to have multiple devices connected to the home wireless network without them interfering with one another. Most dual-band Wi-Fi routers contain a 2.4 GHz band which has become the most common and a 5 GHz band which has become standard as a secondary band. Having both these bands in a router allows you to have more space across the different bands. Talk to one of our experts online or in store about upgrading your router and setting up your home wireless network today! 

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