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Most PC users assume that antivirus and internet securities are the same. This could not be farther from the truth since there are clear differences between the two products, and each offers a distinct type of protection for the user. Installing one does not do the job for both of them. An antivirus only neutralizes the virus once it has already infected the PC, taking a more reactive approach to security. An internet security program on the other hand offers protection that both prevents the virus from infecting the computer and neutralizing it in-case it infects the computer, this as we can see is a more pro-active approach. It is like taking antibiotics and getting immunized for a disease.


An antivirus software will only neutralizes viruses it is familiar with and does not take action on viruses it does not know. So the software protects against trojans, worms and viruses it has signatures for. This is a very basic level of protection, given the level of advancement of technology and and cyber crime. To deal with this most Antivirus companies offer a feature that will link your PC and the antivirus server to scan for viruses in real time as you use your PC.

A new feature in most antivirus software is heuteristics. This feature monitors the action of specific programs to determine whether it is a virus or not. The activities will then be reported to the user who will determine the course of action to take. Though this feature has been proven not to be 100% accurate, it still offers a more advanced level of security compared to the old versions of antivirus.


Internet security beats antivirus software when it comes to protection since it scans and identifies viruses in websites that you visit. If the virus is new and the signature file has not been developed internet security is able to determine the characteristic of the virus. There are a number of threats on the internet these days from spyware to trojans, that is why internet security features identity protection. This warns you and blocks cyber criminals who may want to steal your money or identity through scam websites known as "phishing sites". Internet security automatically remembers and enters your names and passwords reducing log in time and prevents hackers from accessing your personal information.

Another great feature of Internet security is parental Control Management, allowing parents to track their children's activities online. They are able to prevent the children from accessing inappropriate websites, monitor their conversations on social networks and keep the safe online. The firewall and anti-spam capabilities of an internet security package allows the user to block unsolicited e-mails which may contain viruses and filter them before they enter the computer and infect your PC.


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