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PCs are still the preferred choice of many computer users today. Even with the advent of other devices, such as laptops, mobile devices and smartphones, they remain relevant and useful. In most cases they are cheaper, have larger storage capacities and many other advantages over the devices mentioned above. In keeping up with the technological advances in computing, keyboards and mice have not been left behind. Here is a look at some of the latest and best options one has when buying such computer products.


You may say that a keyboard is just a keyboard, but there are slight differences that would make you choose one over another.

  • Connection: Here we are simply saying if its connection is wireless or not.
  • Illuminating keys: When you work in the dark, you can still see the keys as you type.
  • Other minor features may include quieter keys, spill resistance, adjustable tilt legs and so on.

An offer with a keyboard and mouse combo would sound better, if you are a stickler for matching items like me, but let us look at some features in mice.


Here is where the whole idea of "click" matters. You surely need a mouse that would make this obvious action quicker and easier to navigate around the window. Here you may look for things like:

  • Wireless Connectivity: This is by far the most important capability in today's mice technology; the ability to connect to the screen, usually via USB port. Although there is a difference in price, it gives you more freedom.
  • Other features like the scroll wheel, the illuminating light, and the ease of clicking, power management and others can be used in making a choice.

Ultimately, it is the experience you get when using these products that matters. Just know that the features and capabilities count a lot, so make a wise choice. The warranty period, normally around two to three years, also matters a lot on these products.


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