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Never lose a thing with Flash Storage!

Everyone needs portable storage, and there are so many options it is easy to become confused with the array of choices. Flash storage is the primary form of storage for most flash drives and external storage. Flash storage have no moving parts making them extremely durable and compact. The older style of mechanical hard drives is larger, slower and more prone to breakage as it uses a spinning disk to store data.

Flash drives or thumb drives as they are also known connect via USB connection to your computer. They are so small now they can even be attached to a set of keys or kept in a pocket. These are great to have on you when you are travelling to meetings of moving between offices or study.

External hard drives are larger versions of storage that are bigger than thumb drives. These drives offer a more substantial amount of storage than your thumb drives and can even be used to back up your whole computer. Some do require access to external power while some models can be powered over USB. These hard drives are perfect for students or home officers when users do not want to risk losing their files. 

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