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A DVD writer is a drive that can read audio, data and videos and can record in CD and DVD formats. They can be external units that are attached to a computer port or internal drives that are housed within a computer's case. However, most modern day laptops do not come with an internal DVD writer, hence the growing market of external DVD writers.

An external DVD writer is connected to your computer through a USB or Firewire cable which transmits the data from the hard drive to the computer. The sizes vary according to the type of brand and model of the DVD writer.


When looking for a DVD writer, get one that offers dual layer support. A dual layer DVD provides users with 8.5GB of recording space as opposed to the standard DVD-R disc that provides 4.7GB. The additional space is as a result of dual layer technology that provides two individual layers to record on on a single sided DVD disc. This is obviously economical as you end up using less DVD discs. You should also look for a DVD writer with fast write speeds, especially for the DVDs with a larger capacity. Make sure that the speed rating of the DVD discs that you buy match the speed rating on your DVD writer to avoid the inconvenience of incompatibility.

Another thing you should consider when you are thinking about buying a DVD writer is the features that each type offers. Most offer similar basic features like reading and writing dual layer discs, backing up files on the go, playing movies and a USB 2.0 interface which enables high speed data transfer.

However, these are not the only features that different brands and models of DVD writers offer. The Extra Slim Portable DVD writer is ultra slim and has a sleek design with round edges. This makes it a good match for the modern day laptops that are usually thin and light. It is compatible with most CD and DVD media and comes with a free download of CyberLink Media Suite 10 which is a media writing software suite. It also has anti-slip rubber feet, making it less prone to being knocked off the table. A different model of an external DVD writer has its own unique features such as enhanced data protection and an intuitive disc encryption that allows you to write your DVDs using three simple steps. The drag and burn operation also makes DVD writing much faster.

Although, with storage options such as clouds gaining popularity, DVDs are almost obsolete. This makes people a little undecided about the necessity of DVD writers. However, DVDs are still very useful because you can store files that you may want to hold on to for a long time but don't need to access every day. DVDs are also a better choice to store your personal files as compared to clouds. So depending on your preferences when it comes to storage devices, you may or may not need an external DVD writer.


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