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When choosing the best bag to carry your tech, you may find yourself feeling somewhat overwhelmed at the wide range of options and features available. Here are a few tips to help you make sure you are spending your money on the best product for your needs.


Backpack bags are best suited to someone who will be doing large amounts of walking or travelling with their laptop, or who need to carry extra accessories which would not fit into a regular briefcase or sleeve. Backpack bags allow you to travel long distances without feeling like your arm is about to fall of. The extra space available also allows you to carry an external keyboard or mouse, extra battery packs, documents or anything else which you may need on your travels. Students and international travelers most commonly enjoy using these bags.


Briefcase bags are best suited to someone who needs to portray a professional image. Briefcase bags look smart and may also come in leather to enhance your "look" in the business world. The size of the bag is a point to consider when choosing one of these bags, as you will need to be sure that your laptop will fit inside while not being too large and allowing your laptop to move around inside the bag. Always check the size rating of the bag against the size of your laptop. A briefcase bag will only allow you to carry a few extra items, an external mouse, your AC adaptor and some documents would fit comfortably. If you would like to look smart and professional, this is likely the best bag for you. A noteworthy mention is the Targus Clamshell laptop case, giving you a professional look and style.


A sleeve is more suited to a tablet or an ultra book size laptop. They provide protection to your device while walking and are small and discreet. Don't expect to carry any extras in a sleeve though, as not much space exists. You could carry a few documents, but will need to leave your AC adaptor and external mouse behind, unless you find other means to carry these items.


The brand of the bag can also be a deciding factor. While there are range of bags which look professional and carry a lifetime warranty, there are also bags which are colorful and stylish. Pricing normally depends on the style. Sleeves are usually the cheapest, followed by briefcase bags and then backpack bags.

Tablets generally range from 7 inches to 12.1 inches and are best served by sleeves to provide maximum protection and ease of use. Ultra books range from 10 inches to 13 inches and fit well into a sleeve or any of the other bag options available. Laptops range from 14 inches to 19" and are best carried in briefcase or backpack bags.

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