Security Cameras

Keep your home safe with ease

 Safety at home is something we all look for. No longer do you need a complicated professional security setup for peace of mind, you can get all the features you need and install it yourself. Bing Lee stocks the leading brands from Netgear, Panasonic and Swann. Depending on your needs and house there are different systems with different cameras and features to make any family feel safe.

Some important features and functions to keep an eye out for:

  • Camera resolution can be the difference between seeing something far away or up close. Most cameras come with high definition 720p resolution and some with 1080p full high definition resolution
  • Wireless cameras gives you the option to place cameras anywhere you want around the house without having to worry about wires and connections, along with motion activation means they last a long time per battery charge
  • Cameras that feature WPS security along with a compatible router are super easy to set up. Just simply press a button, and it is connected and ready to go. All you need is a WPS-equipped router and your set
  • Having a camera that can sit outside no matter what the weather is a great option. Some cameras come with weatherproofing straight out of the box no cases needed.
  • Some camera systems come with a DVR system meaning as well as streaming footage to your phone you can record hours of footage to a hard drive for safe keeping
  • Some cameras have built-in microphones and speakers which mean they can be used as a baby monitor as well!

Chat with us online or in-store for help finding a system for you!

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