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DSLR cameras are a great buy for those seeking to own a camera that offers them great freedom when taking photos. They also deliver high image quality and can be used for either occasion or kind of photography. Whether it is taking family photographs, sports photography, landscape or portrait photography, working with a DSLR delivers great image quality and a lot of flexibility.

The other advantage of DSLRs is the fact that you can interchange the lenses. They come with a lens mount that allows you to change the lenses you are using to suit your particular purpose. Just as digital cameras have categories, so do digital SLRs. They are categorised according to their sensor types. Sensors in digital cameras replaced the film of old cameras. They capture and image digitally. The size and the type of sensor will generally determine the image quality.


The first type of digital SLRs are the cropped sensor kind. They make a majority of the DSLRs present right now in the market. They are basically cameras with a frame smaller than 35mm film. This means they end up having a cropped image as the sensor is less in size than that of the lens. Hence the image recorded is cropped and artificially zoomed, and at high magnification might display some artifacts. These DSLRs are great value for beginners.

The second type of digital SLRs are the full frame sensor cameras. These have zero crop factor and as a result they provide higher image quality even at high ISO. There is little noise and for those seeking to capture images at wide angles they offer more clarity especially on dramatic photo shoots

The final main type of digital SLRs are the 4/3 lens system. These kind of digital cameras address the compatibility issue amongst DSLRs. While you can interchange lenses with DSLR cameras, the lens one used had to be made by a specific manufacture for them to be compatible and deliver quality results. However, with the 4/3 lens system you can use any 4/3rd lens with any camera that uses 4/3rd lens. The other advantage these cameras offer is that they are light and more compact compared to other digital SLRs. You thus get a more portable camera without compromising on image quality.

Knowing the various types of DSLRs available in the market will help you match one that suits your purpose. Aside from these factors, there are several other considerations one has to make when picking out a suitable digital SLR. These include the following;


This is the first thing you need to identify as it will determine the main specifications you will be looking out for. In any class it is hard to pick a totally outstanding camera since each brand will try to concentrate on one aspect to stand out. Thus knowing the demand your use will place on the camera will help you pick the camera best suited to your functions.


There are obvious specifications and features any DSLR will have. However, additional features provide the difference in convenience. Such features include; anti shake technology for image stabilisation, dust protection and connectivity.

Picking the right DSLR will thus require a basic understanding of their functions, what is in the market and what kind of camera functions affect your work. This way you will get what best suits you.


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